CPCRM LI - Privacy policy

General information

"CPCRM LI" is Google Chrome browser extension (bellow just "extension").
Extension functionality requires is only to be used by employees/contractors of CoolPeople, a.s. with valid CRM login.
Purpose of the extension is to enrich your LinkedIn usage with data from CRM and to help you to use the CRM by prefilling/updating data from LinkedIn.

What information do we collect?
- We collect addresses of LinkedIn profiles you visit
- We collect basic information about LinkedIn profiles you visit, such as name, work position, open for opportunities
- We don't collect any data, unless you are logged in CRM and using the helper

How do we use the information?

- We use the information to provide you with the link to eventual corresponding record in CRM and corresponding shortcuts to CRM functionality
- We use the information to help you create/update person record in CRM system, as if you entered them manually
- We automatically update basic status of CRM record from Linkedin profiles you visit

What information do we share?
- We share the information within CRM system as if you entered them manually

Transfer of all information is encrypted.